Scrumptious Knits by Carol Feller

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Booklet mit 7 wunderschönen Strickmustern.


Anleitungen in englischer Sprache.


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A stunning collection of 7 patterns from Carol Feller, 3 garments and 4 accessories, all knit from Fyberspates Scrumptious yarn in a range of weights from lace weight right up to chunky.

The book includes the following designs: Ignus - Knitted in Scrumptious Aran. This hip length tunic has delicate cable details that complement the smooth flattering shape. Knit from the top down, with raglan shoulder shaping, the side cable detail has decreases worked down each side for smooth shaping.

Bakersville - Knitted in Scrumptious 4ply/Sport. This hooded cardigan is knitted from the top down. It features a hidden pocket and i-cord edging.

Taupo - Knitted in Scrumptious Chunky. The unusual construction of this cap-sleeved cardigan makes this a very fun knit. Worked from side to side starting at the center of the back, curvy short row hip shaping, clever side joining and short row sleeve caps can introduce you to several new techniques. Vertical accent rows add visual interest and help make this a very flattering knit.

Flama - Knitted in either Scrumptious Lace or 4ply/Sport. Simple and effective, this shawl has a delicate central lace panel and garter stitch outer panels. Worked from the bottom up, optional beads are added to the lace central panel. They add weight and sparkle to the shawl.

Haruna Gloves & Haruna Hat - Knitted in Scrumptious DK/Worsted. These simple gloves have a little flair at the wrist with a decorative gather and faux bobble buttons. Wrist fastens using a snap to ensure a perfect fit. A gathered edge and garter stitch detail create an off centre interest for this hat. Knit in the round from the bottom up, the head band is fastened using a snap for a perfect fit.

Vesuvius - Knitted in Scrumptious DK/Worsted. A cowl is the perfect winter accessory, and an eternity cowl is twice as good! Wrap it twice around your neck you?ll keep yourself warm and look stylish at the same time! Knit in the round, this simple dropped stitch pattern creates a lovely textured cowl.

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