the scrumptious baby collection

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the scrumptious baby collection

Booklet mit 8 wunderschönen Strickmustern.


Anleitungen in englischer Sprache.


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Beautiful, original designs for little ones is the perfect theme for our second Scrumptious pattern collection, especially as the Scrumptious 4ply/Sport yarn weight is superwash, allowing babies to be wrapped in luxuriously soft garments that are also practical for children to wear. The icing on the cake is that some of our favorite designers were really keen to get involved, creating an absolutely gorgeous range of patterns for girls and boys.

The Scrumptious Baby Collection 8 patterns for babies, sized from 3-24 months (2 cardigans, 2 matching hats, legwarmers, cabled dungarees, kimono-style jacket and square lace shawl) Designers: Judy Furlong, Belinda Boaden, Kyoko Nakayoshi and Mélanie Edgar

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