Forever More - deutsche Übersetzung

Forever More - deutsche Übersetzung

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Justyna Lorkowska: "Music has always been there with me in many important moments of my life. Sometimes it was connected with a person. A friend, a lover or a relative. Sometimes it was connected with a place. It was there, in the background, a beautiful witness to all those precious moments that you want to keep within yourself for a long time. And then when you hear the first tones of a tune all comes back to you...

Such is this shawl - an endless ocean of knits with a few interesting stitches that witness the magic of your life, your emotions, your joys. And when you think that one day all may fade away from your memory, just wrap yourself around in the shawl, feel the gorgeous drape and texture, close your eyes and get carried away...

To keep every memory forever...

And more..."


Anleitung für ein Dreieckstuch

ca. 50cm x 155cm

ca. 300g Garn 10ply (8 wpi), (ca. 512-549m) z.B. Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Malabrigo Rios, Dream in Color Classy

5,00mm Rundstricknadel, 3 Maschenmarkierer, Zopfnadel, Nähnadel







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